Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Riya Sen goes supernatural

In her next, a supernatural thriller titled Jennifer, actress Riya Sen plays the protagonist. She is paired with newcomer Eddie Seth. She says, "Jennifer is based on jinns or Muslim spirits."

 She doesn't play a ghost in the film but a certain character in the film gets obsessed by her. "That's usually the case with jinns. They exist and either help people or ruin them."

She claims to have done her own styling in the film and has apparently worn minimal make-up. She admits, "My look is very natural. I play a very confident, no-nonsense, girl who is comfortable in her skin.

The character smokes in the film and that's shown in a good light. People who smoke and drink are not bad people!"

Though this was the first time that Riya had to smoke in a film it wasn't difficult for her. "Smoking wasn't shown in the film as it's not allowed by the Censor Board but Jennifer is very stylish and it's more in her attitude that she's a smoker. I just picked up the habit." Riya continues, "My character wears simple jeans and rock T-shirts like a semi-hippie but not hardcore. For the character that I play, it's more the attitude than the clothes so I didn't want the clothes to be overpowering."

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